Friday, March 11, 2005

"Who's who" in Transfusion Medicine- Mike Murphy

Thought it would be fun to do some blogs on "Who's who" in transfusion medicine, especially those involved in hot topics.

A current hot topic is use of mistake-proofing tools such as electronic blood transfusion systems using bar codes or RFID. One of the recent TraQ case studies includes a section on mistake-proofing technology:
  • See TraQ Case O-2

    One of the experts actively involved in new technology is Dr. Mike Murphy from John Radcliffe Hospital and the University of Oxford:
  • Profile of Mike Murphy (
  • John Radcliffe develops e-prescribing for blood

    Some key papers:
  • Barcode identification for transfusion safety (Curr Opin Hematol 2004 Sep;11(5):334-8)

  • Barcode technology: its role in increasing the safety of blood transfusion (Transfusion 2003 Sep;43(9):1200-9)

  • Patient safety and blood transfusion: new solutions (Transfus Med Rev 2003 Jul;17(3):169-80)

    What's New on TraQ

    Cheers, Pat