Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Nessun dorma (Musings on anti-paid plasma blogs over the years)

Updated: 14 Nov. 2018

Below is a list of the blogs I've written so far on paid plasma: 23 blogs over 6 years as of 14 Nov. 2018. Some blogs focus on it entirely, others touch upon it along with related issues. In total 2004-2018 I've written 174 blogs, and paid plasma constitute about 13% of them. This blog's sequence is different than others. The main content (list of earlier blogs) will come at the end.

The blog's title comes from a famous aria for tenors in Puccini's opera Turandot, which premiered at La Scala in Milan in 1926 after Puccini's death. Like many, I love the classic for many reasons. One is my spouse and I heard Pavarotti sing it in person in Edmonton in 1995. The face of every person on the LRT ride home from the concert radiated with joy.

I chose Nessun Dorma for several reasons. The title and first lines translate as 'None shall sleep' and builds to the final, victorious cry of 'Vincero!' (I will win!). In the battle over paid plasma in Canada, and it is a battle, I'm against paid plasma, as explained in the 23 blogs below. We don't know who will win and what the win will look like.

I hope the eventual winners (Vincero!) will be
  • Patients who need plasma derivatives and are prescribed products like intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) for evidence-based reasons, not because Big Pharma promotes it relentlessly to physicians. VERSUS patients being scared into panic by BIG Pharma, which supports their associations financially and is not beyond creating fear the world will end if paid plasma clinics cease to grow exponentially. 
  • Blood donors in financial need, who will no longer be exploited at the risk of their health by Big Pharma, which makes $billions off their body tissue. Yes, not all see themselves as being exploited, but many, if not all, are exploited and it's unethical.
  • Volunteer blood donor sector, which will recruit and be able to retain young donors, instead of having them slowly siphoned off to paid plasma, from which they are unlikely to return as they age.
  • Canada's blood supplier CBS (outside Quebec), which can concentrate on ways to encourage more volunteer young donors, perhaps with token incentives as happens in the USA system, or maybe not. Hope that CBS gets funding to open plasma collection clinics to get Canada closer to meeting its plasma needs.
  • Canada's government funders of the blood system, which should fund CBS plasma clinics, encourage voluntary donation, VERSUS now needing to spend megabucks to regulate ('police') the use of IVIG due its ever-increasing usage, as done by the BC PBCO and others, including for primary immunodeficiency
  • Health Canada should do its duty to regulate blood safety as a win-win strategy for patients and blood donors, VERSUS encouraging Big Pharma to promote endless iffy uses of plasma derivatives by supporting its exploitative paid plasma growth in Canada. 
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