Saturday, October 29, 2005

Marcela Contreras receives first "International Woman in Transfusion" Award

Dr. Marcela Contreras
Marcela Contreras, Professor of Transfusion Medicine, Royal Free Hospital Medical School and National Director of Diagnostics Development and Research, NBS London, UK, has received the first-ever "International Woman in Transfusion Award."
As I wrote in an earlier blog (13 Nov. 2004), in 2004 three of the major transfusion medicine organizations in the world were led by women, and to honour the occasion, the organizations (AABB, BBTS, and ISBT) created this award.

The award recognizes women professionals whose cumulative record – in original research, innovative educational methods or outstanding clinical practice –demonstrates important and significant contributions to the body of medical and/or scientific knowledge or to the understanding and practice of transfusion medicine.

Dr. Contreras, MD, FRCP, FRCPath, is an active member of AABB, BBTS and ISBT and served as ISBT president (1996-98) and BBTS president (2001-03). She has written 100s of scientific papers (sample Medline citations) and many textbooks, including “Blood Transfusion in Clinical Medicine” with P.L. Mollison and C.P. Engelfriet.