Sunday, February 28, 2021

I will remember you (Musings on healthcare heroes during COVID-19 pandemic)

 Updated: 1 March 2021

February's blog is about healthcare workers who have been infected and died from COVID-19 worldwide, and who have made many sacrifices for us all.

The idea for the blog was stimulated by  a series of news items posted in TraQ's Feb. newsletter (Further Reading). Also by the fact that so many healthcare professionals have put their duty to patients above the safety of themselves and their families. COVID has also highlighted invisible health professionals such as medical laboratory technologists/biomedical scientists who have shone with dedicated work to test for COVID-19 infection. Plus
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) emergency medical technicians Also those who work for low wages in long term care facilities, often immigrants who need several jobs to make a go of it, and  personal care workers. 

I could also focus on many non-healthcare heroic workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. If I've missed any, please send a comment. Examples (Some in Further Reading):
  • Hospital cleaners and maintenance staff
  • Daycare workers
  • Teachers, teachers' aides, school janitors
  • Apartment housekeeping & maintenance staff
  • Meat plant workers (often immigrants) who are often housed in close contact with other workers
  • Grocery and food retail workers
  • Food delivery drivers
  • NEW: Transit workers who transport essential workers to and from work (Thanks, Penny)
The blog's title derives from a 1995 Sarah McLachlan song.

Folks, there is overwhelming evidence that health professionals and many others have stepped up to the plate during the coronavirus pandemic. I do not need to belabour the point. The aim of this blog is to celebrate their contributions around the globe at great personal cost to themselves not just dying but also anxiety and depression.
  • While the numbers of those dead due to COVID-19 are overwhelming, it's key to remember that each of these folks are individuals, someone's 'significant other', child, mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend. 
  • As of 12:39 pm Central European Time, 1 March 2021, there have been 113,695,296 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 2,526,007 deaths, reported to WHO. (Further Reading) 
  • See stories of some folks who have died from COVID-19 (Further Reading)
  • Note that people of colour are more likely to get COVID-19. (Further Reading)  
I encourage you read the items in Further Reading to gain a perspective on what we owe these heroes. Also to see affected people as individuals.

As always, comments are most welcome and there are some below.

Chose this song because I hope we will all remember the heroes who put their lives at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. I certainly will, as my husband with a serious lung disease went to the Emergency Dept. by ambulance in Dec. 2020 & spent a week in hospital.